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Marathon: Fresh Baked 90s Gameplay

This episode is inspired by:

Marathon Durandal

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Quick Review:

Marathon: Durandal looks like the original Doom, but plays more like a dungeon crawler... you're often looking around for items then backtracking to unlock further areas, all while blasting baddies.

Controls are responsive and the camera works well, but it's hard to get past the aged look.

If you didn't like it when it originally came out, you probably won't care for it.

This one is recommended only for nostalgia buffs; those curious to see the shaky history of video games and how far we've come.

Lizzy Says

You'd think seeing muffins fly through the air would make you hungry, or at least want to salute a baker... but they resemble those old-fashioned oat bran muffins that your doctor wants you to eat.
I'd much rather just shoot those at monsters and have myself a donut.

Clyde Says

Why must I shoot all these alien creatures?

Has anyone tried opening peace talks?

Surely we have can befriend them with our superior shiny-bead-making technology.

Artist's Notes

I never played the original release, so I was excited for this game. It was made by pre-Halo Bungie and was released on Macs. But gaming has really left behind classics like this, Doom, Duke Nukem, etc... and it's hard to experience the excitement if you weren't there to enjoy it in the first place.

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