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Jade Empire - Bet Your Anatomy It's Good

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To me, Jade Empire ushered in the era of modern action-RPGs. An outstanding game in all respects (when it was released; the last time I played it, far too long ago.) it was absolutely one of the top 5 games of the original Xbox generation.

Incredible depth, a fun, fluid combat system, a new standard of voice acting in games, and a true sense of Asian history and culture that is lacking (despite the large number of games originating from that part of the world) adds up to a game that will always hold a place in my heart.

 4 Stars

Lizzy Says

Why don't they make a sequel already?!?

Clyde Says

Why don't they at least put out a HD port of the original game??

Artist's Notes

At this point, I'd even be happy if they just teased us with a trailer for a Jade Empire sequel that may never come to be.
P.S. Ubisoft, for God's sake, finish Beyond Good And Evil 2 already!

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